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SUPERMARINE VODKA & Presentation tube

SUPERMARINE VODKA & Presentation tube


Supermarine Vodka and our splendid presentation tubes make a perfect gift.


SUPERMARINE is truly extraordinary, a triumph of the art of alchemy.

Enjoy a creamy smooth pallet with hints of vanilla, and a clean icewine finish.

To best appreciate sip slowly from a frozen glass.


SUPERMARINE designed and built the Spitfire.

Not ones to create a thing of mere purpose, the chaps at SUPERMARINE created an aircraft of absolute beauty, built to be the best.

The Spitfire.

The defender of our freedom to live and love and drink Vodka with whomsoever we choose.


SUPERMARINE a 54% VODKA of exceptional quality.

Absolute beauty, created to be the best.


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