The men & women that saved the world!

The NATIONS of THE FEW - Project Aims and Ambitions

As we move into this new era of British trade with the rest of the world, we must work hard

to promote the positives in Brand Britain.

We must celebrate and have pride in our culture.

Equally we must celebrate our internationalism, our part played in the cultural heritage of our planet.

The Battle for Freedom and for Humanity

The Battle of Britain is probably the most important fight in modern history. At stake was the freedom and humanity of the entire world.

Young men and women from sixteen nations fought and flew, many paid the ultimate price to prevent the spread of the axis of evil that was simply set upon ruling the entire world.

When we stood together for a common cause humanity won through.

But most of us don't know that the Battle of Britain was an international effort.

The NATIONS of THE FEW celebrates the sixteen nations of the Few.

We sixteen have something to be very proud of. We are a sister and brotherhood who stood in the face of abject evil and shouted back out across the ocean.

“NO...we choose FREEDOM”

Our cultures and our ways of life were not crushed. We endured and we embraced the joy in our differences.

Be Proud of our Spitfire Heritage.

HEATHROW Exhibition

Our ambition is to hang a full size museum quality SPITFIRE from the roof of Heathrow Airport as per the installation at Utland Airport in Norway.

Below the installation on the ground we'd create an interactive exhibition that will tell the story of THE NATIONS of THE FEW and that of each pilot who flew.

Travellers would be able to select individual nations via touch screens to learn specifically about, and taking pride in their nations part played.

Individual stories of the pilots would also be available for selection. This is a particularly warming aspect for family members to view this tribute to their relatives.

Existing exhibition at UTLAND Airport by The Royal Norwegian Air Force


Heathrow is the world’s busiest international airport and is at the hub of the civil aviation


Over 69 million passengers travel through the airport annually, on services offered by 86 airlines flying to over 180 destinations in over 90 countries, making Heathrow a truly unique global gateway.

The airport is a lively and exciting place where passengers are often in a heightened state of

excitement and anticipation, ready to be entertained.

Pre pandemic captive audience figures.

• Over 69 million passengers a year

• 190,000 passengers arriving and departing per day (on average)

• 48.3% of passengers in the AB Socio Economic Group

• 41.9% UK residents

• 37.1% business travellers

• Average dwell time 160 minutes


Expo is a dedicated programme of unique and inspiring installations which will capture

the imagination of passengers. In doing so, it enhances their journey throughout the terminals, providing an unexpected extra dimension to their travels.

As well as displaying inspiring and thought provoking content, celebrating the best of the UK, expo showcases events and experiences tied into the national and global calendar.

Let's make it happen!

If like us you'd like to see this vision become a reality and you'd like to get involved to make it happen then please get in touch.

Ian Hewitt

We can lobby our MPs and prominent people of influence, share the heck out of on social media to really get the conversation going. Are you involved in media, can you spread the story. Can you help to get the public behind this campaign.

Or make your donation to the Nations of THE FEW campaign at

Corporate Support

THE NATIONS of THE FEW (NoTF) allows a unique way of connecting and interacting

with a valuable, influential and international audience at Heathrow.

Our installation won’t just connect with a consumer audience, but also with a valuable B2B audience.

In brief, NoTF will create credible, enormously powerful and long lasting global PR through creating experiential connections between consumers and partner brands.

SPITFIRE HERITAGE TRUST invites commercial sponsors to partner with us on this important and hugely exciting international project.

Join us and be proud of your Spitfire Heritage.

Ian Hewitt


The Spitfire is much more than a vintage aircraft.

It is a Great British icon that symbolises the coming together of all the nations of the

Commonwealth, as we stood together in defence of our common human values and freedoms.

The Spitfire Heritage Trust is robustly engaged in the strengthening of links and the development of programs that create opportunities, educate, celebrate and give thanks to our Commonwealth family of nations, and to our shared values that transcend culture,

religion and gender.

​Creating opportunities, Educating and Celebrating our futures born from our past.

Be Proud of our Spitfire Heritage

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